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now that you know our plan we will change accordingly my master has been watching you for a long time and he is planning a massive uprise your site will be destroyed in meer months your allies may be your enemies no one can be trusted !!!!!!!!!!

My master is very close to destroying your precious site

Master on Community ChatEdit

So, everyone thinks that I'm trying to destroy the TD Wiki.


"Webkinz, were you one of the few people who followed me into the Wreck it Ralph wikia chat and got me into trouble?"

No. What are you talking about?

"Icecreamdude or whatever his name is summoned a group of people from this wikia onto a wikia chat that I was on when I told him just to tell them one thing, and I was banned for that. I don't know, I just remember your name from somewhere."


  • Lina.maff‎
  • Loyalfan12


  • CrypticBosnian
  • TheMysteriouswatcher

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thomas the tank engine wiki - breaks rules by having chat limitations

wreck it ralph wiki

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