• episode will start off immediately.
  • Chris announces that there is a hurricane going on outside, and that the contestants must evacuate in canoes and paddle to Boney Island, and to use survival skills to stay safe while Chris and Chef escape in a helicopter.
  • ten minutes for the contestants to run off, board canoes, confessionals, etc.
  • five minutes for canoe riding.
  • two minutes of destroying action. (strong gusts destroy the canoes and waves engulf the contestants (When the waves engulf the contestants, you will put ---COMMERCIAL BREAK---)
  • when the show returns (which will be seconds after "---COMMERCIAL BREAK---", groups of two/three will be washed up to the shore at separate times, and spend 10 minutes doing what they wish (most likely setting up shelter or looking for other contestants. However, the two/three washed to shore will not meet up with other contestants. The groups washed to shore will be:)
    • Anne Maria and Dakota
    • B and Sam
    • Brick, Jo, and Lightning
    • Dawn and Scott
    • Staci and Zoey
    • you will give each group a separate 10 minutes to do as they wish (mentioned above for more information) to make sure no one talks, make sure when a new group is up to interact, type ---ANNE MARIA AND DAKOTA ARE WASHED TO SHORE--- (everyone who is neither of these two do not speak until signaled. As for the two mentioned, do not run into any other campers besides yourselves). You may also add your own obstacles when the contestants are walking around, such a mutated beavers, fire, etc. We realize these groups are not team-wise, as this is more for development between contestants. It is recommended that you choose either B and Sam, Dawn and Scott, or possible Brick and Lightning from the three-way group to win unless you can think of another fair way to choose one winner from a group.
  • Chris will then show up and announce the winner of the challenge based of survival skills. Also, he announces that they will not be returning to Camp Wawanakwa for the next challenge, due to it being under repairs.
  • The losing team will be sent to a bonfire ceremony in the woods. You may use marshmallows if you please, but if you want, you may use alterations. The contestant eliminated will leave when Chef Hatchet tosses him in the lake and is carried off by a giant mutated snake-serpant.

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