Use Pinky as an example.
She hardly does anything besides cry randomly to moderators, yet she's a moderator?
She's the last person who should moderate.

We build trust with a moderator who's easy to play, and then we crush the trust in half when they are foolish enough to give us the power.
Out of all of them, I would choose Jam7.
WM: She's 27.
That makes it even easier.
A 19 year old can play a 27 year old easier since they won't see it coming.

Mea: That never existed. I just said all that because its funny watching people freak out over a cartoon show wiki. I have nothing against the wiki.

Mea to Hide: I wanted to talk to you more about becoming more friendly with these guys... But these jerks can't recognize that there is problem and instead of talking to you they ban you