[17:29] <@CD-> oh xD haha imo :p

[17:30] <@numbuhthreefan> no need to say 'that' at the end

[17:31] <@CD-> what?

[17:31] <@CD-> say what?

[17:31] <@CD-> ":p"?

[17:32] <@numbuhthreefan> no I meant no need to say "imo" cause your not stating an opinion

[17:34] <@CD-> why do you have something against "imo"?

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[17:34] <@CD-> @n3

[17:35] == MB- [4a4eaaea@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[17:35] <@CD-> N3 answer

[17:36] <@numbuhthreefan> I don't. I feel like that imo has been overused way too much.

[17:36] <@CD-> but you're the one who uses it the most? lmao

[17:37] <@numbuhthreefan> and I didn't answer cause I was doing something else

[17:37] <@numbuhthreefan> and no I don't

[17:37] <@CD-> yes you do

[17:37] <@CD-> lol

[17:37] <@numbuhthreefan> No, I do not. I say "in my opinion" when I'm stating one.

[17:38] <@numbuhthreefan> I think other users use it more

[17:38] <@CD-> do you want me to ask people in the IRC whether you use "Imo" or not

[17:38] <@CD-> because they will all say that you say "imo" haha

[17:38] <@numbuhthreefan> no

[17:38] <@numbuhthreefan> no need to ask

[17:39] <@CD-> okay because you know I'm right haha

[17:39] <@numbuhthreefan> but I kinda say omg more lol

[17:39] <@CD-> no I don't think so

[17:40] <@numbuhthreefan> I know what I say.

[17:40] <@CD-> ok xD